Social Media Stories: A powerful brand tool

What makes Social Media Stories so special?

Hundreds of millions of people and companies use Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Stories and WhatsApp status every day.

Stories combine text, images, video and effects in a full screen, vertical format that allows brands to connect with their audience in a more authentic and playful way.

People use Stories to connect with brands and products as well.

Businesses also use Stories ads, for a more direct way to reach new audiences and showcase their brand. 

Top performing Stories ads integrate branding and key messages at the start.

📍 Tips on creating efficient Stories for your brand:

  • Put your brand front and center.
  • Integrate branded elements (logos, packaging, design elements) at the start of your creative.
  • Lead with shots of your products against vivid backgrounds.
  • Use high contrast colors. 
  • Exclude price unless it offers clear benefit (for example, a promotion or sale) because creative with prices can be perceived as disruptive or pushy.

💡 Matter of interest: 

As compared with creative that includes price, creative without price has shown a 93% chance of outperforming for view content, a 77% chance of outperforming for purchase and a 73% chance of outperforming for brand awareness! 

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