Privacy Policy

About this Privacy Policy

1. Collection and processing of data

A record is kept of every occasion that our home page is accessed and every retrieval of information stored on the home page. The storage of this data serves internal system-related and statistical purposes. A record is kept of the name of every file retrieved, the date and time of the retrieval, the amount of data transferred, a report on the successful retrieval, web-browser and domain seeking information.

The IP addresses of the computers seeking information are also recorded.

Additional personal information is only recorded when you voluntarily provide this information, in connection with an inquiry or registration, via our contact form for example.

There is a technique called “cookies” with the help of which information on a web site can be adapted to your requirements. Our web site uses such cookies in order to help you to make effective use of our home page. We only use information obtained in this way for the supporting function referred to and may be used for marketing purposes by Socialway eServices Ltd.

2. Use and forwarding to others of personal information

When you contact us to expose a subject using the means at your disposal, we may collect and process your personal information, such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, and any other information you are asked to provide us. Should you have provided us with personal information, we only use this information to answer your enquiries, to process contracts made with you, for purposes of technical administration and may be used for marketing purposes by Socialway eServices Ltd.

3. Right to information, revocation and deletion

You always maintain the right to access your personal information, to correct or to completely delete your information. To access, edit, and delete your data, please contact us at [email protected]. Stored personal data will be deleted should you revoke your consent to it being retained, its knowledge no longer be required for the purpose for which the data is stored or should the storage of the data no longer be permitted for some other legal reason.

4. Security warning

We try through the use of all technical and organisational measures to store your personal data in such a way that they are inaccessible to third parties. We cannot however guarantee the complete security of the data when it is communicated by e-mail.