📷Useful #Tips for better Social Media photos

Expensive equipment is not necessary for great marketing photos.

All you need is a creative mind, plenty of imagination and some basic photography rules.

👉 Rule of thirds

For a good composition divide the image in your mind into thirds, and position the main subject either in the left or right third of the image.

👉 Don’t cut the main subject

When shooting a photo don’t try to make the final advertisement. Don’t focus on one part of the main subject leaving another part outside, resulting in a final photo with a half main subject.

👉 Let it breath

Let plenty of space around the main subject to allow our creative team to place the logo and Call-to-action text around according to the specs of each medium.

👉 Simple backgrounds

Choose neutral colors and simple patterns for your background to give attention to the focal point of the image.

👉 Flash light

Try not to use flash indoors as it can look harsh and unnatural.

👉 Camera shake

Hold the camera with both hands and tuck your elbows into your chest for additional support. In this way you will avoid camera shake and as a result blurry photos.

Follow the above rules and your web presentation will skyrock!
Remember! It is our creative team job to design the final advert on the correct specs to fit respective social medium, stories or web application.

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