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Cyprus online advertising services

Imagine being able to give your advertising message at the most crucial stages of a customer’s purchase cycle! Further imagine being able to connect with persons that their social profile makes them a potential customer or ideal recipient of your message. Socialway eServices has the skills and expertise to help you deliver your marketing message efficiently and effectively. Advertising expense is based solely on performance, making this form of communicating with customers a great value for money.
Trust Socialway, with its rich e-Marketing experience, get you the results you expect. We run pay per click (PPC), pay per impression (CPM), pay per view (CPV) and cost per lead or acquisition campaigns depending on what your needs are.

Google PPC Online Advertising

Search engines, like Google, offer an exciting way of communicating with prospective customers by allowing advertisers to present their marketing message at the time potential customers look for information on the web. Let us get your message right at the time when information is sought or a purchasing decision over a product or service you offer is about to be made over the internet.

Google Search for Cyprus

Google Display Network Advertising

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a great vehicle for carrying your message to relevant and important audiences. Through its vast network of owned and cooperating web sites, Google presents us with opportunities to reach customers with banner ads based on age, geolocation, interests and past web actions. The GDN is a great tool for creating awareness for your products and services.

YouTube Advertising

Video is certainly the most exciting format to use in advertising. YouTube, reaching one in two persons on a monthly basis, is the perfect vehicle to show your video ad to your preferred target audience.  With relatively low cost it can supplement TV advertising or be used as a value for money alternative.  YouTube is part of GDN and as such banner ads can also be shown there.

Find out more about Google’s AdWords advertising platform here or look into our entry level, scalable Google AdWords Express program. Socialway is a Google Partner so you can rest assured that your campaigns are set up according to Google’s best practices recommendations.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising lets us leverage people-based asdvertising and deliver the message to people that are most likely become your customers. Facebook advertising campaigns can be used in all parts of marketing funnel, from awareness, to acquisition, to consideraiton and finally to conversion and can support a huge range of your business objectives. Utilize your social power and come even closer to your customers. Use Facebook to reach new customers and to reinforce your message to the excisting ones.

Facebook advertising

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is the place where people and business express with high quality images. Instagram offers business tools to help organizations and brands to connect meaningfully with their audience.

The most powerfull tool is the advertising feature that allows business to bring their messsage in front of more people that are most likely to connect with the message and the brand.

The idea is very similar to the Facebook advertising platform. Using people-based targeting can reach real people on their daily digital journey.

We are using Instagram advertising since the early days of the service launch and we have the experience to get your message across to that platform as well.

Other Social Mediums and Networks

If you require additional ways to advertise online we are here to help and have probably done it already for one of our customers. We have experience with Twitter, LinkedIn and adult networks advertising. Just contact us with your needs and we can discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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