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  • Have you invested a lot of time, money and effort in your web site development but its performance on search engines is not what you expect?
  • Are people searching for goods and services you offer, not reaching your web site?
  • Are you interested in Search Engine Optimizing your web site but are not sure how to do this?
SEO Nicosia Cyprus

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes and you are in Cyprus, you can probably benefit by using our SEO services.  We can improve the visibility of your site or specific pages on search engines using “natural” white hat techniques.  This means that when searches relevant to your product, brand or services are made on Google, Bing, Yandex or Yahoo, your web site has a presence in the organic results served by search engines to users.  Our method of getting better rankings is based on the recommendations of search engines on how to make your site search engine friendly.  We can also help you with tracking how visitors find your web site and understanding what they do when they browse it.

“Basic Cyprus SEO” package

SEO Cyprus Services

Basic SEO has long lasting effects and should probably be the cornerstone of your web site based online marketing efforts. A lot of sites built here in Cyprus are not put together with search engine rankings in mind. We have significant experience in following Google’s best practices in search engine optimization and are happy to to provide you with a roadmap for SEO success.

We will assess your web site, compare its performance to your needs, identify problem areas and then bring them to your attention. A list of suggestions on how to change your search engine optimization strategy will be offered.  Our focus is to have a site that conforms to the technical specifications Google sets. At the same time we provide advise on your text content. You can then follow up on our suggestions with your web developer or have us help or optimize your site for search engines.

These basic SEO suggestions can impact quite significantly your search engine rankings for relevant queries made not just in searches made in Cyprus but worldwide. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to improve your search engine optimization it is possible that our “Basic Cyprus SEO” package is the solution that is right for you!

“Advanced Cyprus SEO” Package

Having a web site that ranks well with search engines is truly an endless task. Efforts in optimizing a web site must be continuous and one always needs to have a wet finger sticking to the wind as search engine optimization resides in a very dynamic environment. We offer long term bespoke search engine optimization services to companies that realize the value of a top spot in Google or Bing search results.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Applying Search Engine Optimization in Cyprus

Talk (and website space) is cheap… When talking about Search Engine Optimization what matters are proven results in Cyprus and not generalizations. In our SEO efforts we always keep in tight focus the goals we set together with our customers for their web sites and we pride ourselves in delivering what we promise. Below you can see some examples of our optimization work and results.

Feel free to contact us if you would like similar results! You can call us at 7000-2665 or email our Cyprus SEO experts at

Project: Make Socialway’s site rank high for SEO Nicosia

This is our “business card”. If you can’t rank well for “SEO Nicosia” we feel there is no point in claiming you have the know-how on this subject. Chances are you are here because you clicked on the first result when you searched for “Nicosia SEO” or “Cyprus SEO”. If you want similar results contact us.

SEO Cyprus Google Search

Project: Apply on and off site search engine optimization for specific keywords in the travel industry

Appearing as a top result for your brand’s name should be a “no brainer”. The real challenge is usually to be present at the first page of Google or Bing for your product category. We have significant experience in this and would be happy to help you reach the top position for relevant searches. Below is an example of such work for a travel agency in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Cyprus Travel Industry SEO

Project: Develop search engine friendly web site for Spyrachri Ltd in Nicosia

Starting from scratch sometimes has its advantages. When it comes to SEO a strong domain name can be a significant factor for success. We are proud to have built search engine friendly sites for many of our customers who saw this need. Such an example is, built on Google’s own Sites platform, an inherently search engine friendly way of building websites.

SEO for Cyprus Trailers

Project: Appear on Google Maps for Nicosia relevant searches

Appearing on Google Maps is a request we receive often. It is an easy and quick way of boosting your position in rankings and relatively inexpensive. We have put scores of business on the map and would be happy to do this for you too.

Google map results service

Frequenty Asked Questions on our SEO Services

What SEO projects you undertake?

We focus on technical SEO. This means we help websites conform to what search engines, in most cases Google, prescribe as Best Practices. In effect, our focus is to make your site as search engine friendly as possible!

Is a long term contract necessary for your services?

No, it is not necessary! It is true that things in the SEO world continously change. In most cases however, we see a lot of easy fixes for problems that were overlooked by website designers. Getting those fixed can be an “easy win” in most cases. For highly competitive industries and larger, frequently updated sites, a long term plan might be required.

How long does it take to see improved rankings?

That depends on many factors including competition for your keywords and the current state of search engine friendliness of your site. Low competitive environments and sites with no prior SEO work are quicker to get results, sometimes climbing in rankings within days of improvements coming into effect.

We at Socialway are ready to help you and your site get the exposure you need in Google, Yandex and Bing organic search engine listings.

Do you have questions on how SEO Services can be of help to you?

Call us at 7000-2665, email us at or visit our office in Nicosia for a discussion of your needs and a quick quote on our Cyprus SEO services.

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