SMS Marketing Services

SMS marketing Cyprus
Text message (SMS) marketing is a form of online marketing that uses the mobile telephony network to send a promotional text message to a selected audience of recipients. Delivery can be scheduled at the time of your choosing and it is almost immediate. Our state of the art bulk SMS messaging platform delivers accurate reports for each sending, including successful deliveries and unsubscribes.
We offer an affordable, feature rich service for sending SMS messages in Cyprus and abroad. Prices range from 0.009 to 0.015 euro per SMS.

Bulk SMS Services

Here is a list of our SMS marketing services that are available to both organizations and individuals here:
  • Mailing list subscriber development
  • Copy writing
  • Mass mailing campaigns
  • Campaign reporting

We firmly believe in developing each client’s custom audience for receiving bulk SMS messages as we feel persons that have consented in receiving your news offer a huge marketing potential. We use organic methods such as Facebook competitions and opt in forms to grow lists. We do not sell or rent SMS lists and all messages we send on behalf of customers are fully compliant with E.U. and Cyprus anti-spam legislation containing a free to call opt out.