Website Design & Development

From small to large we can develop your web presence. All the web sites we design have built in, a high degree of search engine friendliness. We fully understand that organizations need not only a site that is functional and good looking but also one that is easily found on relevant searches made for its products or services.  Our websites consistently rank extremely well in search engines such as Google and Bing. Furthermore all our new or redesigned sites are responsive and guaranteed to work across all devices, from the smallest of the mobile screens to full sized computer monitors. All website work is carried out in Cyprus by either Socialway’s personnel or highly qualified associates.

Our favorite platform for developing web sites are WordPress and Google Sites. We have developed a large number of WordPress CMS web sites with extremely good results in Search Engine Results Pages. WordPress helps us develop attractive, flexible and powerful web sites which are an extremely good value for money. The latest version of our website has of course been created with WordPress CMS. At the same time, we feel Google Sites offers significant benefits and allows us to create quickly quality web presences.  Additionally such websites are easy to maintain and are inherently search engine friendly. We also offer websites built with other platforms, such as Magento and Modx for customers that want their presence on the web to be more customized.

Our services include more than just new web site creation. We can also help with older websites that need a facelift. We have completed a number of projects requiring the migration of older sites to a user friendly back-end format for ease in updating.  An important aspect of such redesigns is the transformation to responsive, mobile friendly websites.

If you are looking for a company in Cyprus to help you relaunch your dated web site contact us at Socialway!

Portfolio of websites

Fully Responsive - Interactive Showroom - MODx

Fully Responsive - WordPress

Taxonomy - Slider - WordPress

Product Presentation - SEO Optimized - WordPress

Fully Responsive - DoubleClick for Publishers - MODx

Landing Pages - Products - WordPress

Fully Responsive - Blog - WordPress

Fully Responsive - Redesign - WordPress

Blog - Slider - WordPress

Fully Responsive - SEO Optimized - WordPress

WordPress - Projects - Slider

Blog - Slider - WordPress

SEO Friendly - Product Catalogue - WordPress

Fully Responsive - Blog - WordPress

SEO Friendly - Product Catalogue - WordPress

Google Form - Google Sites

Gallery - WordPress

Fully Responsive - Gallery - WordPress

Search Engine Friendly - Google Sites

Redesign - Bilingual - WordPress

Google Sites

Fully Responsive - PayPal Integration - WordPress

SEO Friendly - Product Catalogue - Google Sites

Google Sites

Fully Responsive - WordPress

E-shop - PayPal - WordPress

SEO Friendly - Google Sites Redesign

Fully Responsive - Slider -WordPress

WordPress - Projects - Slider

SEO Friendly - Staff Presentation - WordPress

Fully Responsive - Slider - WordPress

WordPress - Portfolio - Slider

SEO Friendly - Gallery - WordPress

Fully Responsive - Slider - WordPress

WordPress - Block - Slider

SEO Friendly - Categories & Tags - WordPress

Fully Responsive - Online Chat - WordPress

Fully Responsive - Online booking & Chat - WordPress

Fully Responsive - Real Estate listings - WordPress

Website Design Services

If you are looking to enhance your online presence with a new website or the redesign of an old one, reach out to us.  Contact us by phone at 70002665 or email us and we will be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

Do you have questions on how our web design services can be of help to you?

Contact us at [email protected], call us at 70002665 or visit our offices in Nicosia for a consultation on what we can do for you.